Post & Core under Crown under Partial: Clinician Rx Home       Information Page       Directions       Contact Us Home       Information Page       Directions       Contact Us This case involves a partial with 4 bredent attachments.  A crown relating to one of those attachments needs a root canal The difficulty here is properly seating that crown onto a prepared site with very little support for the crown. To compound the problem, the crown MUST SEAT in the position of alignment with the other 3 bredents. The following illustrates an excellent clinical procedure for ensuring success with any crown requiring a post and core that needs to be related to a partial. Step One: Position the crown into place in the partial.  Superglue the lingual of the crown to the partial. Step Two: Turn the partial over and add some composite to the bredent area to further lock the crown into proper position in the partial.  Add composite anywhere else as needed. The idea here is to lock the crown into the partial so that it has no chance of moving while the lab completes the post and core.  Step Three: Prepare for the post and core.  Here's a model of the prepped site.  Note how difficult it would be to try to seat the crown into proper position with very little tooth structure remaining. Step Four: 1.  Inject impression material into the canal and add the post. 2.  Fill the crown with material and seat the partial. Make sure the partial seats properly onto all the attachments.  Let the material set                          completely before taking the final impression. 3.  Take the final impression with the partial in place. 4.  Send the impression with the partial in it to the lab.      Click here to view lab instructions for finishing the case.